Pause Studios


Learn about me and what I do best.


So who am I?


Hello, my name is James Pearce, I am the owner of Pause Studios. I have worked in the world of design for 11 years, I graduated from Kent Institute of Art and Design in 1999. I then worked for a commercial printer for 9 years.

I set up Pause Studios in 2009 and since then have been producing print and web design for a small number of clients. My aim is help small businesses to produce effective design for small local companies by building relationships with them.

I live in Somerset, with my wife (a teacher) and two young children who I look after. My first love in the world of design is print design, I have a passion for web design and I am rapidly developing my skills to bring them up to the level of my print skills.

In 2011 I started full time work at Aerian Studios. My time at Aerian Studios has been spent increasing my web design skills using grid based systems and my client side development skills of HTML, CSS and javascript as well as PHP development. I have worked on many web projects and mobile apps including the recent cbeebies rebuild, several e-commerce sites and an iPad app for the leading dental instrument manufacturers in the world.

I am a mac fan. But have a interest in all things tech.


Print Design

I produce designs for stationery, logos and branding. I can help you develop promotional material for your business including brochures and flyers. I create magazine layouts for local communities.

Web Design

I specialize in front-end web development. I write clean, cross-browser compatible, search engine friendly and compliant XHTML and CSS. I am developing my skills in PHP, javascript and ruby on rails to deliver better experiences on the web. I don't do Flash websites.


I have over a decade of experience in many areas of design, I am a follower of technology and believe this experience would be invaluable to you.

My History

Started BA(hons) in 3D Design at Kent Institute of Art and Design (KIAD).
Graduated from KIAD with a 2:1 BA. Started work at Kall Kwik in Kingston.
Worked at Kall Kwik Windsor and then Kall Kwik in The Strand, London. All these centres were part of the same group, which had a commercial print arm located in Slough.
The group of Kall Kwik centres I worked for became a commercial printer (Corporate Sales and Design) with a dedicated sales team operating out of an office in Covent Garden in London. I was promoted to become the head of the art department in London.
2008- 2010
I left Corporate Sales and Design in September 2008. Primarily to look after my 2 young children and finish renovating my house. I started to do freelance work as Pause Studios.
Relocated to Somerset. Hoping to build my business.
Started working at Aerian Studios, to improve my web design and devlopment skills.